Your business development team just got infinitely larger

Reinventing business partnerships

Flockgen empowers partners to offer the B2B services they need to expand faster.

A growth platform for the middle market

Accelerate the success of your business customers. With Flockgen, it’s easy to grow through account expansion at scale.

A tech company transforming relationships

Boost your business revenue by simply sharing customer introductions with our curated partner network.

Partner spotlight

Now I simply do what I do best – I sell – and Flockgen matches my customers’ needs with the perfect product fulfillment partners.

Daniel Bray

Owner, Braytel

Partnering to level the playing field

Your business network just got so much larger. Flockgen is a better way to partner. Now once costly and time-consuming business development efforts are accessible to companies of all sizes. Join us to get rid of the limitations of traditional 1-to-1 partnership models. We’re leading the change with our 1-to-many platform. It’s the future of business-to-business partnerships. Why it works.

What our partners are saying

Flockgen’s services helps our sub-agents and their customers combat margin compression and overcome the business hurdles that often limit or halt growth and innovation.

- Technology Solutions Master Distributor

Flockgen is a robust, virtual collaboration resource that enables us to provide an even higher level of support and guidance to our clients. - Financial Services

Popular features

Partner hub

Grow with a thriving partner network of like-minded B2B companies behind you. By sharing generously, you create the most value for your customers. The possibilities are endless when companies collaborate.

Rules of engagement

You can start partnering day one. Just plug into Flockgen, with our pre-set fair market values for sales compensation and code of conduct. Our radically transparent smart platform is built so all win together.

Revenue engine

Our pay-for-success formula and flexible engagement model fuels many growth strategies. You pick which B2B services to add. As a result, you increase customer lifetime value and accelerate sales revenue.

Start growing with Flockgen today.

Strong alone, better together

Join our growing partner network to offer your customers access to fully-vetted service providers wherever they are.

Middle market expertise

Businesses of all sizes deserve personalized sales attention. Flockgen partners excel at customizing their services to meet middle market needs.

National reach

Our robust professional network connects high quality customer introductions with respected service providers throughout the United States.

Virtually every business can benefit from one or more Flockgen partner services.

Lift your partnerships with Flockgen

We’ve carefully considered each step in the business-to-business partnership process. Throughout, we’ve looked for points of friction and removed them. We’ve kept the process human while automating activities to make partnering predictive and scalable. Above all, you always stay in control so your customer relationships are protected. Simply use our online platform to discover new services and unlock more value.

Low effort, high reward

With no upfront cost, Flockgen is low risk and high return. You just make an introduction. There’s no sales effort after that. When great companies come together, the results are irresistible. Our highly curated service partners are experts in energy, operations, technology and financial management.

Flockgen is your partner multiplier

Get the power of many to help you achieve your business growth goals. Our partner network makes it easy for companies to pursue additive opportunities beyond their capacity or expertise. There are no limits on the number of partnerships. So, all benefit from the Flockgen network effect. As we add more partners and services, the value created for all network partners and their customers multiplies.

Apply the flock factor to your business

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