Experience the power of sharing

Lift your business by giving and getting more referrals

Flockgen helps B2B companies of all sizes bring new solutions to existing customers and meet new customers.

A matchmaker for the middle market

Our knowledge runs deep in business challenges that are often overlooked or hard to manage. We match like-minded B2B companies and provide high quality, exclusive customer introductions. Flockgen is evolving the way middle market companies connect, partner and expand their businesses.

A tech company reinventing referrals

We are building a radically transparent, customer referral platform. Flockgen enables unlimited, multi-lateral partnerships. We pair great businesses with other great businesses. As a result, mid-market companies gain more value from current relationships and acquire new customers.

Flockgen levels the playing field

We serve as a trusted partner and matchmaker to the middle market. By bringing together our partner community, Flockgen boosts an under-served, fast-growing group of businesses. Our B2B customer referral platform reduces friction between partners. This makes it easier for organizations to deal directly and transact efficiently at scale.

Flockgen is a pay for success partnership model. With no upfront costs, it’s simple to generate business growth. Also, it’s flexible. Our community partners can tailor the solution as much as they like. Why it works.

A nationwide partner community network

Our growing network enables our partners to offer access to pre-screened solution providers wherever their customers are.

Middle market expertise

Businesses of all sizes deserve personalized sales attention. Flockgen partners excel at customizing their solutions to meet middle market needs.

National reach

Our robust professional community network connects high quality customer referrals with respected solution providers throughout the United States.

Our customer referral platform helps all achieve more

Flockgen partners with companies who deliver great customer experiences. Community members bring commercial customers to our multi-sided partnership platform. We assign these business-to-business referrals to our rigorously qualified solution partners.

We all make money together when the exclusive, quality customer introductions turn into sales. And, best of all, our partners’ customers benefit. Flockgen helps mid-market companies become more efficient and make real changes to their bottom line. Our partners expertise spans energy, operations, technology, sales and marketing and financial management solutions

Grow your business with the power of the flock

You don’t have to go it alone. Get the power of many to help you achieve your company’s growth goals. Flockgen enables you to give and receive more value from the customer relationships you’ve cultivated. Our multi-sided partnership solution matches you with other businesses that want to intentionally grow through customer referrals. See the code of the flock.

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