We believe that when you share, you gain the most

The success of our partner community inspires us. That’s why we are constantly growing and innovating to help them all – referring and fulfilling partners – accomplish more. Energy is just the first of many verticals where Flockgen can create big impact for companies of all sizes and help level the playing field.

We use the same collaborative principles that drive birds to flock together to generate and build healthy business relationships and results. By joining Flockgen, our middle market partners can focus more of their stretched resources on what they do best.

Our radically transparent, pay for success platform is just one example of how, through the power of sharing, Flockgen is the future of customer referrals for business.

Leading the way

With our co-founder Mike Cassity at the front of the formation, Flockgen is led by a team of experienced professionals with management success at both startups and large enterprises.

Mike Cassity
Chief Executive Officer

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, and a lifelong learner always striving to remain on the leading edge of technological changes and to apply this knowledge to solve business challenges. Mike is a leader who earned his reputation by building high performing teams in Fortune 500 companies and disruptive startups. He has focused on growing and advising early-stage and established technology companies in renewable energy and telecommunications. In addition to Flockgen and other Boards, Mike has served as a mentor at Jumpstart Foundry and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Tom Schwing
Chief Customer Officer

Tom focuses on making lasting connections with customers and nurturing these relationships for mutual success. His career experience spans both sides of the B2B relationship and a wide range of industries including energy, telecommunications and technology. Prior to founding Flockgen, Tom was a sales and marketing executive at both established companies and startups. He also founded and managed a B2B marketing services agency for over 20 years.

Eric Graf
Chief Operating Officer

Eric is a serial entrepreneur with a zeal for information technology architecture. He thrives on designing and creating simple yet elegant technology solutions to common business problems. His deep love for both the art and science of his craft is showcased in the many companies he helped start, and his work as a CTO and product owner at several leading renewable energy companies.

Michelle Waldgeir
Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle is a marketing executive with a passion for listening intently to customers and building businesses to better meet their needs. She has built strong, leading brands at both established Fortune 500 companies and early-stage startups in consumer products, healthcare and renewable energy. She brings deep expertise in engaging, acquiring and retaining customers and creating, fixing and rapidly growing businesses at pivotal stages in their life cycles.

Michael Morosi
Vice President,
Finance & Strategy

Michael is a financial manager with a keen understanding of value creation. His experiences as an analyst and investor in startups and growth-stage companies inform his work. He also brings expertise in the energy and technology sectors, and extensive experience advising the middle market from both a venture capital and investment banking perspective.

Susan Jeffries
Vice President,
Business Improvement

Susan is a leader in project management, quality and process improvement. Susan pioneered the Six Sigma efforts at a Regional Bell operating company and honed her craft over 20+ years at the telecommunications organization. More recently, she founded an operations excellence consulting firm dedicated to helping clients achieve double-digit performance improvements in their key business metrics. She is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt-Statistics and certifies business clients in Process Improvement Courses (Six Sigma Black Belt/Green Belt) and Lean Principles.

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