Our multi-sided referral platform is evolving the way businesses partner

Our multi-sided referral platform is

evolving the way businesses partner

We connect great businesses with other great businesses

Flockgen is the future of customer referrals for the middle market. We help companies of all sizes meet their next customers and bring new solutions to their existing customers. By joining Flockgen, our partners can focus more of their stretched resources on what they do best. Our B2B platform reduces friction between the multiple parties we connect. Flockgen makes it easier for our partners to leverage valued relationships and referrals to drive revenues up and the cost of doing business down. We create big impact and help level the playing field for middle market businesses.

Our partner community’s success inspires us

We’re constantly growing and innovating to help all our partners achieve more. Flockgen was founded in 2016. We expanded from our first solution, solar energy, into adjacent solutions like retail energy and waste and recycling management. And, we continue to add other energy, operations, people, sales and marketing and technology solutions that improve customer financial management, drive operational efficiencies and help drive sales growth. As we expand, our partners grow with us.

Ready to experience the power of sharing? Follow the code of the flock.

Ready to experience the power of sharing? Follow the code of the flock.

We believe that when you share, you gain the most

We use the same principles that drive birds to flock together to create more value for our partners. These principles, our flock factor, are based on our belief that sharing is good.

Our core company values

Community building

We don’t believe in going it alone. We are inspired by collaboration and strive to build mutually beneficial partnerships in our community. We invite, develop and curate members smartly so we are stronger together and have the right companies for every solution. Our best partners don’t just fit our community, they further it. By focusing on the greater community good, a triple win, we all win together.

Relationships rule

We revere customers and view our partners valued relationships with them as sacred. We are humbled by the trust placed in us to take care of these important relationships. We listen closely to anticipate customer needs and make delivering great customer experiences our number one priority.

Radical transparency

We are committed to honesty, openness and integrity in everything that we do. We share generously and make uncommon levels of information available to all our partners. Our commission structure is an open book and our knowledge base enables those seeking mastery to dive deep.

Constant innovation

We never stop trying to be better. We embrace constant measurement to find improved ways to do our work. We stay open to new ideas and are ready and able to adjust nimbly to new challenges and opportunities. We search out partners who share our thirst for knowledge and growing forward.

Less friction

We are relentless in our pursuit to reduce frictions between the multiple parties we connect. Simple is always better. Our people, our practices and our platform add value by making it easier for all parties to deal directly and transact efficiently.

Smart scale

We are obsessed with growth and continually look for new ways to bring partners together to create critical mass. We help them scale smartly, in any and all directions, to solve the most important shared challenges. By partnering, businesses reap the benefits of economies of scale, thrive and grow without investing in capital resources.

Ready to join us?

Corporate headquarters:

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