Give and receive quality customer referrals

We help businesses connect and accomplish more

Our partners value our pay for success partnership model. Their customers win. And, we all make money together when referrals turn into sales. Flockgen connects great businesses with other great businesses so all can achieve more.

Why our multi-sided platform works

Our B2B referral platform reduces friction between the multiple parties we connect. This makes it easier for all partners to deal directly and transact efficiently. Partners bring business customer referrals to our platform. We assign the referrals to our curated solution partners. We all make money together when the exclusive, quality customer introductions turn into sales. There are no upfront costs. Solution partners only pay for the referrals that convert. And, we share the commissions we receive with the referring partners.

As our solutions multiply, more referrals happen

Our partner community platform lifts up our members. We invite, develop and curate members smartly so we are stronger together and have the right companies for every solution.

As Flockgen continues to expand into new solutions, our partners grow with us. And, best of all, our partners’ customers benefit from the added value they gain from being referred to the partner community network. Flockgen is the future of customer referrals for business.

Interested in becoming a partner? Request an application.

Interested in becoming a partner? Request an application.

Apply the flock factor to your business

We focus on what we do best. That’s helping middle market companies grow and become better businesses. We believe customers are at the core of strong, healthy and growing businesses. They drive strategy, solutions, revenue and, ultimately, business success. So, our fully transparent customer referral platform matches people not customer profiles.

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