Solar partner accelerates business growth

Flockgen made it easier and more profitable to focus on what we do best

“It’s one of our most efficient tools for customer acquisition.”

Rick Hunter

CEO, Pivot Energy

Industry: Renewable Energy

Founded: 2009

Why did you join Flockgen?

Rick: It was an easy decision for us. Flockgen knows our industry really well and our company values are aligned. Pivot Energy operates on a triple bottom line basis – people, planet and profit. Plus, Flockgen’s pay-for-performance model made it no-risk to try and their sales compensation model is transparent and fair. Flockgen is one of our most efficient tools for customer acquisition.

What’s your experience been with Flockgen customers?

Rick: The customer introductions we’ve gotten through Flockgen from other network partners have been high quality. And they’re even more valuable because they’re exclusive. Flockgen does a great job of matching us with customers that fit right in our sweet spot. Our focus is on commercial solar and community solar and we are known for our ability to provide comprehensive end-to-end solar solutions anywhere in the U.S. If we ever have a concern about the project fit, we just pass and the customer is assigned to another partner.

What’s your experience been with other Flockgen partners?

Rick: It’s been great. We appreciate the trust partners place in us every time they offer to connect their customers to a solar partner like Pivot Energy. We’ve seen first-hand how these business relationships carry over into our sales process. Most partners choose to be hands-off once an introduction is made but are still great resources and generous with insights about their customers. In some cases, partners have wanted to be more involved and we’ve been happy to include them in the sales process. It’s always helpful having an extra advocate.

What kind of business results have you seen?

Rick: We recently announced a 2.7 MW solar project to build and develop solar on 23 facilities across two states. Braytel introduced Extra Space Storage to us through Flockgen. Extra Space is a demonstrated leader not only in the self-storage market but also in environmental stewardship. Their commercial solar rooftop spaces generated over 16.8 MWhs last year. We are thrilled to now be a partner in their program. This connection would not have happened without Flockgen.

How else have you benefited from being a part of the Flockgen network?

Rick: It’s added to our general business development efforts. The market for distributed generation is on a steep upward trajectory so we’re strategically evolving Pivot Energy in areas like community solar and solar financing. Flockgen understands this and has connected us to others in these spaces to help us expand our network and support our growth plans. We’ve also reviewed our sales pipeline for opportunities to offer other services through Flockgen – renewable energy alternatives – when solar isn’t a fit.

Any final thoughts?

Rick: Flockgen has made it easier for my team to focus on what we do best. We can spend even more time accelerating the rapid transition taking place in the energy industry to a more decentralized and cleaner approach to power generation. With Flockgen we’ve connected with over 20 different other businesses since we joined the network. Because Flockgen facilitates the connections and has already worked out all the partnership terms, we get to focus all our resources on bringing more solar to the market. By working together, we’re able to increase the positive impact to people, planet, and profit.

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