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We’re proud to have helped businesses nationwide. With the service providers in our partner community, you can offer expert solutions wherever your customers are. When you partner with Flockgen, we’ll carefully match your referrals with curated service partners. They’ll bring the right knowledge, technology and skill to help your customers improve their business performance.

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Solar energy

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The Flockgen partner community stands ready to help your customers. Our partners know what it takes to make real changes and how to make their solutions work for middle market businesses. They’re committed to helping businesses become more efficient and gain greater control over their expenses.

And, we’ll continue to add professional services, marketing services and software solutions services that improve financial management, drive operational excellence and help drive sales growth. Flockgen partners specialize in business services that are often overlooked and hard to manage.

All our qualified service partners must first complete one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes.

Consultative approach

 Right knowledge, technology and skill

Good-value pricing

 Reputation for personalized service

 High quality work history

 Certified, top rated professionals

Flexible financing options (if applicable)

Industry-leading warranties (if applicable)

What our partners are saying

Keep the great referrals coming. I just brought on another salesperson who will be assisting me.

Let’s get together and talk strategy. We should consider a strong pitch for the nine referrals we now have in Illinois.

You don’t have to go it alone

We help middle market businesses do more. When you refer customers to the partner community, they too gain from the added value. Your customers get the power of many to achieve more than they likely could on their own. Flockgen makes it easy for companies to pursue multiple business improvement opportunities outside their core business expertise.

Our nationwide network of specialists are leading companies who offer the personalized attention your customers deserve. Our service partners are in markets across the U.S. They excel at serving middle market businesses. And those in specialized fields like energy, know the local regulations, permitting requirements and other important specifics that drive success.

Interested in becoming a partner? Request an application.

Interested in becoming a partner? Request an application.

What happens next when you refer a customer?



A qualified service partner will reach out, learn their goals and discuss what is right for them.



Our partner will customize a plan and quote. If appropriate, they’ll even visit your customer’s site.



Our partner will deliver the purchased service or solution.



Your customers will start enjoying the benefits which often include saving money.

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Retail energy (electricity and/or natural gas)

With retail energy choice your business pays less for the same energy. Deregulated markets are the key to low-cost energy because competition drives down prices. You can reduce your monthly electricity and/or natural gas bills by shopping for the best deal. And, when you choose your own supplier, you can also select a fixed rate contract for the length of time that best meets your business needs.

Flockgen gives you access to the best energy suppliers in your market and encourages them to compete for your business. It’s easy to make the switch. There is no new equipment to buy and your new supplier will contact your current utility on your behalf. The only change you’ll notice will be on your energy bill.

Best customer referrals: Businesses with high energy usage operating in states with deregulated energy markets.

LED lighting

LED is a power-saving, smart solution for lighting your business. Making the switch from conventional lighting to LED lighting can reduce your costs by up to 50-80%. LED technology operating lives are often over 100 times longer than incandescent sources and 20 times longer than fluorescent sources. You can save a lot of money by using fewer light bulbs and less maintenance labor. Other lighting benefits include higher quality illumination, more light control and materials safer for the environment. You may even qualify for a tax deduction.

Best customer referrals: Businesses with high lighting energy usage. Businesses covering lots of physical space or those leaving the lights on for extended hours are good candidates.

Solar energy

Switch to solar today and instantly free your business from unpredictable energy costs. By making the switch to solar power, you can reduce or even eliminate your electric bills. Solar panels aren’t an expense – they’re one of the best ways to invest in your business. Government incentives and the decrease of solar equipment costs means solar power is a good financial decision. And, for those businesses concerned about the upfront costs, there are alternative ways to go solar by paying little to nothing down.

Best customer referrals: Businesses with high electricity usage operating in states favorable to solar energy. Businesses should also have enough open area to install solar panels.

Energy storage

There are two basic types of energy storage – front of the meter and behind the meter. The second, behind the meter, is available to businesses with onsite solar systems in select situations. Individual property owners and businesses make use of energy storage options installed on their own premises to better manage onsite solar systems. Energy storage allows businesses to take advantage of the lower utility rates available when demand for electricity is low.

Best customer referrals: Businesses with large onsite solar systems or current referrals for solar energy.

Waste and recycling management

Reduce your costs with a comprehensive, no-risk waste and recycling audit. Every aspect of your current waste disposal and recycling stream is reviewed, documented and analyzed. The goal is to deliver exactly what your business needs, at the lowest prices possible. Experts then broker pricing, service and equipment solutions for your business to simplify your waste and recycling management. The service is 100% performance based, so there’s no risk to hiring an expert. If you don’t save money, you don’t pay anything for the service.

Additional professional support includes secure document storage, compliance management, customer service, flexible billing options and management tools that allow for real-time visibility and advanced reporting. More efficient waste and recycling management means more visibility, reduced time to manage and less cost for your business.

Best customer referrals: Businesses with large waste disposal streams, particularly those with multiple locations.

Utility bill auditing

Many businesses are able to improve their bottom lines today and generate future savings for years to come through utility bill auditing. Independent experts evaluate and audit your utility bills for water and sewer, natural gas, electricity, telecommunications, waste and recycling and property taxes. Their goal is to identify any refunds and monthly utility bill and property tax reductions your business can achieve. They have no ties to any utility vendor. You only pay for the audit, via a performance-based fee arrangement when true operational cost savings are reflected through your reduced utility bill. If you’re one of the few businesses who receive no tangible benefit, nothing changes. Instead, your business gains confidence in the competitiveness of your current utility expenses.

Best customer referrals: Businesses with high monthly utility and/or property tax expenses.

Reputation management

Your online business reputation directly impacts your company’s success. In today’s marketplace, reviews matter. They’re an important factor in many customer purchase decisions. You need an online review management solution that allows you to proactively monitor, review and respond to reviews. You can encourage more reviews from your base of happy customers and work to neutralize any negative customer experiences. With this service, in just a few days, you can get your business set up, trained and influencing your online reputation.

Best customer referrals: Businesses that attract online customer reviews.

CRM solutions

As your sales team grows, you need to make sure the sales processes you’ve designed can scale. Your customer relationship management solution can help you make sure the same level of attention is given to the right customers and leads. If you aren’t yet using a CRM solution or haven’t yet automated repetitive sales tasks, you should consider a new CRM solution. Help your sales team spend less time on data entry and more on selling – getting more leads, tracking your pipeline and closing more deals faster. When it comes to a CRM solution, one size doesn’t fit all businesses. Get a CRM that works the way you do and build a solid foundation for business growth.

Best customer referrals: Businesses without a CRM solution or businesses that have outgrown their current CRM solution.

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