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Our multi-sided platform is changing how businesses partner

We help Flockgen partners grow their core businesses and cultivate new business development opportunities. All in our partner community can refer commercial customers. With Flockgen, partners give and receive more value from their existing customer relationships. And, those partners who also qualify as solution providers, find and win more new customers. As our partner community continues to expand, we create more ways for businesses to partner.

What our partners are saying

The referral was so valuable, we’ll be servicing their portfolio of sites for the next five years.

We’re a partner, but we just referred ourselves for CRM solutions and now we’re a customer, too.

Our partners don’t just fit our community, they further it

Our partner community’s success inspires us. That’s why we’re constantly growing and innovating to help Flockgen partners achieve more. Customer acquisition is the top business challenge for the middle market. So, like high growth SMB companies, we’re always looking for new strategies to do this wisely. Our pay for success partnership platform makes it easier for businesses to collaborate to drive revenues up and the cost of doing business down. Together we’re building a community to fully leverage valued relationship and referrals.

Interested in becoming a partner? Request an application.

Interested in becoming a partner? Request an application.

The code of the flock

We are a community who takes great pride in working well together.

When you’re invited to join our trusted Flockgen partner community, you benefit from the power of many working together for your business. Flockgen helps you gain more value from your current customer relationships and attract new customers. In return, we ask that you respect the code of the flock. This code of the flock is not exhaustive or complete. We expect it to be followed in spirit. When in doubt, use the golden rule as your guide: do to others as you’d want them to do to you.

Be excellent

We all are experts in our own areas. We don’t rest unless we’re satisfied that we’re delivering the highest performance and best results one can get from a company like ours. We may sometimes disagree, but we always assume good intentions, respect each other and do our best to act in an empathic way.

A community where partners feel comfortable and valued is a productive one.

Put the customer first

We get one time to get it right with each customer — and everyone’s success depends on each partner nailing it every time. We create the most memorable, satisfying experience possible for our customers, from the first phone call through the life of the longest service agreement.

A community that collaborates to put the needs and interests of customers above all else is a successful one.

Play fair

We’re honest, accountable and professional in everything we do. We reward cooperation instead of competition. We are partners who help each other achieve more than we could do on our own.

A community that works together to win is one that maximizes growth potential to the fullest.

Take turns

We share the load and take turns being in front. We don’t go it alone, but we do take personal ownership when we are in the lead. We coordinate with all partners involved to generate the biggest customer benefit, even when another partner may gain more advantage.

A community where partners can be counted on to share nicely, is one that inspires more (and more) customer referrals.

Communicate often and well

We communicate regularly, timely and relevantly. We know our knowledge and any interaction we have with our customers will affect other partners. We prefer to work transparently and involve interested parties as early as possible. If it’s not recorded in the partner community, it didn’t happen. 

A community where each part understands the whole, is one that is more than the sum of its parts.

Do the right thing

We share knowledge generously and customer relationships thoughtfully because by giving, we receive even more value. Nobody is expected to be perfect in this community. We encourage each other to ask questions early to avoid problems later. In turn, we all strive to be responsive and helpful when asked. And, when we decline an opportunity or hand a customer off, we take the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where we left off.

A community that trusts each other is one committed to protecting and strengthening our mutual customer relationships.

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