Grow with account expansion at scale

Flockgen changes how businesses partner together

You have big goals and we have the services you need to redefine your business network. We’ve created a partnership platform that makes once costly and time-consuming business development efforts accessible to companies of all sizes. We help businesses add services to increase customer lifetime value and accelerate sales revenue.

What our partners are saying

Flockgen has been a great business development resource for us. Each time we connect with a new platform partner we identify new revenue streams. - Waste Consulting Firm

With no investment we have a whole menu of new offers we can pick and choose from to touch our customers more often. Sales finally has real tools to grow account revenue. - Lighting Efficiency Company

How partners drive revenue growth with Flockgen

Our partners share generously to gain value. For most, Flockgen is more than an initiative to increase account revenue. It’s a place to find partners, be found and get inspiration for their next growth strategy. There are as many ways to connect with Flockgen as there are partners in our network.

Account expansion

Our flexible engagement model empowers companies.  Each partner selects from the Flockgen service portfolio to fit and further their own business objectives. Some offer one or a few select services that complement their current product line. Others use Flockgen to enter new markets with less risk. And, sales brokers and business consultants often use the full suite of services to address the diverse needs of their customers.

Customer acquisition and retention

With Flockgen, you have tools to engage and create more value for both existing and new customers. Plus, those partners qualified to provide services through the platform receive exclusive, high quality new customer introductions. Our pay-for-success compensation model makes these highly coveted assets.

Business development

There’s no limited to the number of partnerships or ways Flockgen partners collaborate, innovate and grow at scale together. Companies regularly discover new and unique business development opportunities while working together. And, they’re able to find and form their next partnerships immediately. With Flockgen, every partner’s business network gets infinitely larger.

Start growing with Flockgen today.

Our smart platform enables intelligent matchmaking

No one is expected to be an expert in any of Flockgen’s services. To the contrary, our smart platform includes a suite of intelligent tools, engagement resources and applications partners can tap into to guide their efforts. We keep the process human. Still, we’ve automated all the supporting business partnership activities to make it predictive and scalable. As a result, partners get meaningful business insights to navigate our service menu and unlock maximum value for their customers.

Virtually every business can benefit from one or more Flockgen partner services.

How Flockgen helps customers grow

Flockgen specializes in addressing the business challenges that are often overlooked or difficult to manage. Our service partners make it easy for companies to pursue additive opportunities beyond their capacity or expertise. As a result, middle market businesses can stretch their resources further and achieve more.

Decrease business expenses

Take control of hard to manage and often overlooked expenses like energy and reduce costs.

Improve operational efficiency

Identify new opportunities to gain operational excellence and manage operating expense items.

Increase organizational productivity

Connect with high quality professionals and flexible staffing to scale your team up and down, on-demand.

Improve financial performance

Bring expertise, insights and solutions to make sure your financial processes and practices can keep up.

Achieve sustainability goals

Identify business answers like energy efficiency that are safer for you and the environment.

Accelerate business growth

Grow faster and achieve more by pursuing opportunities outside your core business expertise.

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