We help businesses connect and accomplish more

Our partners value our pay for success customer referral platform. Their customers win and all make money together when referrals turn into sales.

How it works

Flockgen is changing how middle market companies harvest more value from current customer relationships, and find and win new customers. Our multi-sided customer referral platform empowers companies with strong customer relationships and connects them with the best local professionals who can meet their needs.

We assign these referrals to our personally selected fulfilling partners. We all make money together when the exclusive, quality customer introductions turn into sales. Fulfilling partners only pay for the referrals that convert. And, we share the commission we receive with our referring partners. Plus, as we continue to expand into new verticals with our partner community, our referring partners grow with us. Flockgen is the future of customer referrals for business.

Apply the flock factor to your business

We focus on what we do best, and that’s helping middle market companies grow and become bigger and better businesses. We believe customers are at the core of strong, healthy and growing businesses. They drive strategy, solutions, revenue and, ultimately, business success. So, our fully transparent customer referral platform matches people not customer profiles.

All our partners can refer customers. Our referring partners gain more from existing customer relationships, and those partners who are also fulfilling find and win more new customers. Our mission is to lift up our Flockgen partner community members. We help them all become more productive and strengthen their financial health.

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