Earn more by partnering to expand your services

Looking for a catch? There isn’t one.

You already have valued relationships with your business customers. Our highly-vetted partners are willing to pay well for exclusive, customer introductions. Flockgen is a trusted business partner and connector for value-added services. In other words, we’re a B2B matchmaker. Why it works.

What our partners are saying

My customers are paying too much for operating expenses like energy and waste management. Flockgen has made it easy to work with my customers to identify and fix this. - Financial Services

I’m on-track to add six figures in commissions this year just from account expansion, all because I’ve used Flockgen to match my customers with value-added service partners. - Technology Sales Consultant

Popular features

Adaptable service menu

You control if, when and what services to offer each of your customers through Flockgen.

Intelligent matchmaking tools

We help you identify what your customers need and monitor our service partners sales efforts.

Pay-for-success model

We’ve pre-set the fair market commission values for each available service so all win together.

Partner spotlight

We’ve connected with over 20 different other businesses since we joined the network. Because Flockgen facilitates the connections and has already worked out all the partnership terms, we get to focus all our resources on bringing more solar to the market.

Rick Hunter

CEO, Pivot Energy

Virtually every business can benefit from one or more Flockgen partner services.

Reinventing business partnerships

Unlock the full value of all your accounts. We’ll help you identify what services your customers need. Then you just make an introduction. There’s no heavy sales lift after that. Flockgen network partners expand your business and account success. 

Connect your customers to experts

Our growing network of experts stands ready to partner with you to serve your customers. They specialize in business challenges that are often overlooked or hard to manage. With Flockgen, you can offer access to highly-vetted service providers wherever your business customers are.

Start growing with Flockgen today.

Trust our partner network

All our highly curated B2B service partners must first undergo our comprehensive vetting process. And, we continue to monitor their performance and results within the Flockgen network.

 Certified, top rated professionals

Consultative approach

 Right knowledge, technology and skills

Good-value pricing

 Reputation for personalized service

 High quality work history and references

 Willing to give introductions to their own customers

 Strong Flockgen partner and customer feedback

 Certified, top rated professionals

Consultative approach

 Right knowledge, technology and skills

Good-value pricing

 Reputation for personalized service

 High quality work history and references

 Willing to give introductions to their own customers

 Strong Flockgen partner and customer feedback

Questions? We have Answers.

What is Flockgen?

It’s a business development resource. With Flockgen, it’s easy to partner with multiple companies at once to bring new services to your customers. Firms of all sizes willing to share customer introductions can grow revenue faster and enhance customer success with minimal effort. You get cash payments when your customer introductions purchase services from another member of the Flockgen partner network.

Who are the Flockgen partners?

Flockgen partners are leading companies in their fields. Importantly, they are customer focused and excel at serving middle market businesses. When you partner with Flockgen, we’ll carefully match your customers with curated partners that bring the right knowledge, technology and skills. And, you’ll be able to communicate with these partners directly via the online Flockgen platform.

How do I know Flockgen partners will do quality work for my customers?

All our service partners must first undergo our comprehensive vetting process. When you introduce your customer to a Flockgen partner, you can do so with confidence. They’ll treat your customers with the same level of respect that you would. In fact, all our service partners also must be willing to give introductions to their own customers in addition to receiving them from you. As a result, you can trust our partners to protect your business relationships.

Is there a limit on how much money I can make?

There is absolutely no limit on the sales compensation payments you can receive through the Flockgen platform. As more of your customers sign contracts with other Flockgen service partners, you make more. And, as our service menu continues to expand, you can offer even more services to these same customers.

How do I make a customer introduction?

You can use our partner community to submit customers yourself. Once accepted by Flockgen, you get a username and password. Access the online platform to submit and track your introductions. You’ll find helpful outreach tools and resources. Both the Flockgen knowledge base and our partner success team are also available to guide your efforts.

How do I track the progress of my customer introductions?

Once you have signed up as a Flockgen partner, monitoring results is quick and easy. Simply sign into our partner community online. You can track all your customer introductions in the dashboard.  You can even drill down and review all the individual partner activities on a specific customer if you’d like.

What is a “qualified” customer introduction?

We do not expect that each introduction you submit will become a sale. Still, we do ask that you help increase the odds. Look for three easy minimum criteria before submitting a customer:

  • Your customer must be a possible candidate for the service(s).
  • Your customer must expect to be contacted by a Flockgen partner.
  • Your customer must not have been shared with another company for the same service(s).
Can I present Flockgen services as service lines for my company?
Absolutely! A goal of the Flockgen partnership platform is for you to present the Flockgen partner network as your company’s partners. Or, if you already provide some of these services yourself, you can opt to select the offers that best fit and complement your core business. You don’t have to become an expert. That’s the role our professional partner network plays for you. You benefit by being able to offer a more robust line of services to your customers while getting an easy payment for all successful introductions you make.
What happens next when I submit my customer introduction?
We will pair your customer up with a Flockgen service partner selected just for them. An expert will reach out to them, learn their goals and discuss whether their business is right for the service. You can use our online partner community to track the service partner’s efforts. You’ll also receive email notifications at key milestones during the sales process.
How do I become a Flockgen partner?
Fill out our sign-up form. A Flockgen partner success manager will review your information and reach out shortly to schedule a quick conversation. We take extra care to make sure we get to know your business and understand your customers well so we can match them with the right partner.

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