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you’re already doing…

…creating value

for your customers

Looking for a catch? There isn’t one.

You already have valued relationships with your customers and our fulfilling partners are willing to pay well for exclusive, quality customer introductions. Flockgen is a trusted partner to organizations who want to give and receive more value from the customer relationships they’ve cultivated. How it works.

What our partners are saying

I trust you. Feel free to negotiate what you think is a fair referral fee on my behalf.

With you I have access to a qualified network. Now I bring my customers a more complete energy solution.

Help your customers save more on energy

Your business customers may be great candidates for lower electricity costs. With our national network of service providers, you can offer solutions wherever your customers are. When you partner with Flockgen, we’ll carefully match your customers with a fulfilling partner that brings the right knowledge, technology and skill to help them gain greater control over how much energy their businesses use.

Each Flockgen fulfilling partner combines the reliability of a leading professional energy company with the personalized approach you expect from a local service provider. Our partner community represents alternative energy sources like solar power and LED lighting, energy storage solutions and retail energy options.

Top referring partners

Energy services

Financial advisory services

Service companies


Technology vendors

Construction services

Trade associations

Enjoy a worry-free experience

It’s your customer relationship – you don’t just trust it to anyone. Our partner community’s energy experts personally handle every detail throughout your customer’s experience. You can depend on our energy fulfilling partners to always deliver professional, personal service, to be accountable, to offer the highest integrity, and to do what they say they’re going to do. Flockgen gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your customers are in the able hands of a local professional committed to protecting your relationship.

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Questions? We have Answers.

What is the Flockgen partner community?
The Flockgen partner community is a pay for success customer referral program. It allows service providers and other professionals serving local businesses to refer quality prospects to Flockgen in exchange for cash payments when their customer referrals purchase services from another Flockgen partner. Fulfilling partners are available throughout the nation to help your customers lower their electricity costs. Our pre-screened community energy partners become members of Flockgen’s Success Community. Learn more >
Who are the fulfilling partners and how do I know they’ll do quality work for my customers?
Flockgen’s energy knowledge runs deep, and all our partner community service providers must first complete one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes. Our energy partners are proud to have helped thousands of local and regional businesses reduce costs and become more energy efficient. When you refer your customer to a Success Community member, you can do so with the confidence that our fulfilling partner will treat your customers with the same level of respect that you would.
Is there a limit on how much money I can make?
There is absolutely no limit on the sale compensation payments you can receive through this platform. The more of your referral customers who sign contracts with other Flockgen partner community members, the more you make.
How do I submit customer referrals?
You can use our partner community to submit referrals yourself online or you can let your customers reach out directly using a co-branded Success Community microsite we’ll create just for you. You can send interested customers to this site to learn more and sign up. We’ll provide links you can use on your own website, email marketing, advertising and/or social media accounts. And, if you provide us a customer list, we can create and execute co-branded email campaigns on your behalf that will nurture and direct customers to your co-branded Success Community microsite. See demo solar site >
How do I track the progress of my customer referrals?
Once you have signed up and been accepted as a referring partner, monitoring results is quick and easy. Simply sign into our partner community online. You can track all your customer referrals in the dashboard or drill down and review all the individual partner activities on a specific customer. You can even access the partner community from your smartphone.
How do you define a “qualified” customer referral?

We do not expect that each referral you submit will become a sale, but we ask that you help increase the odds by looking for three easy minimum criteria before referring a customer directly:

  • Business must be a possible candidate for energy services.
  • Customer must expect to be contacted by a Success Community partner.
  • Customer referral has not been shared with another energy services company.
Can I present energy services as a product line extension for my company?
Absolutely! A goal of the Flockgen customer referral platform is for you to present the Success Community as your company’s official energy partner. Or, if you already provide some of these services yourself, you can opt to supplement with a specific offering like solar. You don’t have to become an expert in energy solutions (or solar), that’s the role our professional network of fulfilling partners plays for you. You benefit by being able to offer a more robust line of services to your customers while getting an easy payment for all successful referrals.
What happens next when I refer my customer?
We will pair your customer up with a Flockgen community fulfilling partner selected just for them. An energy expert will reach out to them, learn their goals and discuss whether their business is right for alternative energy solutions. Four simple steps >
How do I apply to join the Flockgen partner community?
Fill out our sign up form to request an application. A Flockgen relationship manager will review your information and reach out shortly to schedule a quick conversation. We take extra care to make sure we get to know your business and understand your customers well so we can match them with the right fulfilling partner. Once accepted into the Flockgen partner community, you will be provided a username and password to access the partner community online where you can submit and track your referrals and access helpful outreach tools and resources.

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