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Your service offering just got larger. We’re proud to have helped businesses nationwide collaborate and expand their services. With the experts in our partner network, you can offer additional services wherever your customers are. When you join Flockgen, we’ll carefully match your business customers with fully-vetted service partners.

Flockgen Practice Areas


Gain greater control over how much energy you use. Protect against future increases in energy costs.

Finance and Operations

Identify new ways to improve financial management and gain operational efficiencies. Take charge of your expense spending.


Make sure the technology you’re using to connect your infrastructure grows with you and stays reliable, efficient and secure.

What our partners’ customers are saying

I had no idea I was leaving so much money on the table. Then I saw a retail energy proposal. I saved 10% on my electric bill just by switching suppliers. Easiest decision I’ve ever made. - Property Management Company

We’d talked internally about solar for years. But it was our relationship and trust in D. that gave us the confidence to explore it. The company he introduced us to was great. Solar has cut our energy costs 20%. - Manufacturer

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More services, more growth

Flockgen partners specialize in addressing business challenges that are often overlooked or hard to manage. They’ll bring the right knowledge, technology and skills to your customers. And, as new partners join Flockgen you’ll find even more choices on our flexible service menu.

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A sluggish network connection costs you time and money. Make sure your broadband performance is keeping up with you.

Cloud and data center

Stay ahead as you manage and maintain your data infrastructure and ever-increasing data challenges.


Collaboration tools digitize old ways of working and help your workforce perform smarter, faster and more productively.


Spend less time on data entry and more on selling – getting more leads, tracking your pipeline and closing more deals faster.

Demand response

Many states enable high electricity users to profit during critical time periods from reducing or shifting their consumption.

Energy storage

Onsite solar system owners can use energy storage to take advantage of times when utility rates are low.

Finance outsourcing

Connect with high quality financial professionals to scale your team up and down, on-demand.

IT services

Augment your IT resources and amplify your own technology efforts with supplemental IT services to efficiently drive results.

LED lighting

Making the switch from conventional lighting to power-saving LED lighting can significantly reduce your costs.

Mobility and wireless

You need secure, scalable and high-performing mobility and wireless services to keep your business moving and staying connected.


A slow or clunky network costs time and money. Make sure your network is flexible and adaptable to handle changing needs.

Overhead storage

Save time and money by utilizing overhead areas like empty ceilings and open walls for optimal storage.

Property tax auditing

Independent experts audit your property tax expenses. They identify and help you achieve any possible reductions.

Retail energy

Many states allow competition in electric and natural gas supply. By switching suppliers, you may pay less for the same energy.


Make sure your business is protected and running smoothly by proactively monitoring and managing your cyber security.

Solar energy

Reduce or even eliminate your electric bills. There are multiple ways to make the switch to solar power.


Assess your current carrier contract pricing, terms and services and find the best answer for your business.

Utility bill auditing

Independent experts audit your monthly utility bills to identify refunds and help you achieve any possible reductions.

VoIP and unified communications

Today’s work-anywhere environment keeps expanding your need for voice services and unified communications.

Waste and recycling management

No-risk professional waste consultants can help drive down your waste and recycling costs, hassles and efforts.

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