Telecom expert adds energy services

Tech sales consultant uses Flockgen to expand business catalog

“I’m on-track to add six figures in commissions in 2019.”

Daniel Bray

Owner, Braytel

Industry: Telecommunications

Founded: 2004

Why did you decide to join Flockgen?

Daniel: Environmental sustainability and alternative energy sources were always of interest to me; however, the Braytel business model was limited to telecommunications. Joining Flockgen as a sub-agent gave me the opportunity to add cutting edge utility services to my business catalog.

My customers already expected me to connect them with the best and most cost-efficient vendors for voice and data. With Flockgen’s expanded energy offerings—and talented team of professionals—I can address and advise customers on efficiencies related to other daily-use services like recycling and trash removal, LED lighting, and retail energy.

How do you use Flockgen?

Daniel: Years ago, I tried to sell solar on my own, but no one would work with a telecommunications broker. Without expertise in the field of electrical engineering, I was of little value to the suppliers I approached. Flockgen solved that problem for me. Now I simply do what I do best — I sell — and Flockgen matches my customers’ needs with the perfect product fulfillment partners.

How is Flockgen different than other business platforms?

Daniel: Flockgen’s customizable platform adds tremendous value for me as a business owner as well as for Braytel’s customers. Flockgen doesn’t insist on a one-size-fits-all method to introduce their product offerings. Most customers prefer to tackle one utility service at a time, and we get that. Since there’s no pressure from Flockgen, we’re able to roll with our customer’s schedule, introducing new partner opportunities when appropriate.

How does Flockgen help you deepen customer relationships?

Daniel: Braytel customers already hear from us quarterly to check-in on how installed telecommunications services are performing. Flockgen’s products give us even more to talk about during those connecting points. Utility services are like taxes; everyone has to deal with them. When we can offer a better solution than what they currently have, we all win.

How have your current customers responded to your expanded services?

Daniel: Flockgen has given Braytel something new to talk about with existing customers, and customers appreciate the opportunity to hear about how they can leverage their current energy budget line items in a new way. I mean, voice and data services are vital, but they aren’t always fun. Flockgen’s products and partners have added some fun to my customer interactions!

Tell us about your experience working with other Flockgen network partners.

Daniel: The network partners I’ve worked with have been great. Each interaction left me far more educated and excited about future business opportunities. The network partners involved me as much as I liked, but they also took over if I preferred to be more hands-off. Flockgen’s online community platform makes it easy to keep up on all my customers’ progress and support other network partners efforts as appropriate.

What kind of business results have you seen?

Daniel: I’m on-track to add six figures in commissions in 2019 simply because Flockgen’s business model allows me to utilize my sales ability and environmental passion while they match my customers with value-added service partners.

My first sale through the Flockgen network was with a manufacturing client I’ve worked with for years. My biggest sale to date was with a new customer with a large national footprint. They’ve already committed to adding solar to 23 locations and I hope to expand my business with them significantly in the future.  Because Flockgen did all of the “heavy lifting”, that commission goes right to the bottom line as I didn’t have to bring on more employees to make it happen.

Any final thoughts?

Daniel: By partnering with Flockgen I was able to bypass the arduous task of vetting new providers prior to reaching out to customers.  I had confidence in knowing once they announced a new product, they had already lined up quality companies who would deliver.  This enabled me to just fold them into my existing processes without investing a lot of time or money to build from scratch.  It has truly been a win/win for both my customers and Braytel.  I could not be more excited about working with them going forward.

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